The a, b, c’s of running fred

One of the most popular online games was Falling Fred. It was all about saving Fred from the inevitable that is from becoming minced meat. He had to avoid body damage, evade obstacles and try and keep his head attached else the game would be over. This game had all the gore and violence that some craved. Since then there came the much awaited sequel Running Fred.

The game of Running Fred –

This time the very same Fred is back. He has brought with him some extreme acrobatic and desperate moves, painful antics, awesome locations and some special items. You will have to help in controlling the wretched hero as he tries to pursue his quest to continue among the living. Running Fred has ludicrous natural controls and fast paced action. This also has the gore and violence which people like in Falling Fred, the prequel.

Running Fred
Main features of Running Fred –

One of the main features of this game is that it has several game modes like Challenge, Adventure and the most popular endless survival. Running Fred involves loads of acrobatic maneuvers, scores of dangerous traps and an unlimited requirement of special skills as well as perks. You would have a cool choice of characters that you can choose from. You also get some special outfits which can help you make Fred more pimped up. This game is compatible with most devices so you can keep your progress ongoing.

Running Fred has excellent reviews. Most players find it extremely thrilling and nerve wracking at times. And the best part is that it is free. The new version also brings in a totally new character with a functional jetpack. How cool is that! You will need to keep your game updated as there are several more levels and surprises that are expected. This game keeps up with players as there are always performance improvements and bug fixing too.