Silicon Valley and employees poaching

As the Silicon Valley is the hub of large business players like apple, Samsung, dell, HP, oracle etc. these companies work in coordination with each other. Cooperation among the companies is necessary. It leads to fast growth of the companies. It does not mean that there should not be competition in the market. Competition has its own merits but it must be healthy. For long term mutual relationship, these companies of Silicon Valleyenter non-poaching contracts under which other companies are not allowed to hire those workers that are retrenched from other companies who agree. In this way, these are in position to take advantage of their relation. It is beneficial for companies but stop the career growth of the employees. Check my site for additional information.

Silicon Valley: a talent magnet

Silicon Valley is famous for its talent poaching practices. As the proverb well said that there are two phases of every coin. Similarly, there are two faces of talent poaching. One of the professors of London school of business says that talent poaching has not ethical if done in a right way. It is an ethical practice that leads to the growth of the companies. The IT workers are in great demand and to fill the high positions the talent hunting becomes necessary. Through it, companies got experienced and expert workforce having knowledge in advance by working in rival companies. If you want to know more, check my site that is above mentioned.

Whether job poaching is good or bad?

Where many researcher believe that talent poaching is good for the companies at the same time people also say that it is an unethical practice. Companies that indulge in talent poaching loss their market reputation and goodwill.Also, companies are not able to create trust among the employees. It ruins the business environment of all the organizations. Thus, talent hunting should be exercised cautiously. Check my site and explore more about t