How Shoes Help To Cure Plantar Fasciitis Pain?

Planter fasciitis is a common problem faced by people in the age range of 19-40 years and 41-60 years. This happens due to various reasons like obesity, long walking jobs, or for standing for long time. The people who are mostly affected are women, young athletes, soldiers and aging obese people.

The disease has symptoms of severe pain at the heel, mostly after waking up in the morning, or after sitting for prolonged time and while standing or walking for long time. Athletes face this due to prolonged practice hours.

As a cure, choosing the correct shoe is always regarded as the most important remedy.

Shoe for Plantar fasciitis: Criteria for choice:

The best shoe for plantar fasciitis can only be chosen based on a methodical search. The technical criteria which are needed to be checked are:

  1. Deep Heel Cup:

It provides firm grip in the shoe where the heel rests. This cushions the feet and makes it comfortable for any activity, let it be, walking, or jogging

the best shoe for plantar fasciitis

  1. Lightweight of shoes:

These are the best shoe for plantar fasciitis since they cause least stress for heels.

  1. Material of the shoe:

The porous shoe material helps to make the feet breathe even after being inside the shoe. Breathy materials help to maintain the temperature balance inside the shoe, preventing foot odor.

  1. Aided Motion System:

This is a technology. This is equipped in some of the best expensive brands. The sole of the shoe is made in such a way that it grips the foot hold in a cushioning way.

  1. Arch Support:

The foot arch determines what are the stress point of the foot, which is nothing but where is the highest pressure falling in your foot. Arch support helps to equalize the stress point all throughout.