The evolution of fine arts

Art is a form of an expression. An artist depicts out his emotion in form of a painting, poetry or sculpture etc. This art is then read and manipulated by people who are the audience of the work piece the artist have created. They can be agreeing with the art form or probably disagree. Art form can be revolutionary as well and people will not agree the idea of the art form.

Many painters have been on the fiery side of the public for their art form. Same goes for other artist as well. Fine art is a form of visual art which aesthetic in its beauty and is liked by everyone. Painting, Writing, Poetry, Sculpture etc. are some form of fine art. They were used to capture the events of the current time or depict an idea of the artist.


evolution of fine arts


Evolution of Fine Arts


Fine art is old and date back over a period of time. There are many paintings which is believed to be of very early age and it shows that there were people who were following the fine arts. In the earliest of the civilization like Mohen Jo Daro and Indus Valley civilization we found many instances that people used to follow and love fine arts. It evolved and polished itself over a period of time. Then we see the painting made on canvas using colors of good quality.

Some notable art work of that time is now millions of dollars. This painting has now evolved into the art where photographer captures the moment using his creativity through his lenses, uses a good editing tool to give it a finishing. This the evolution of one fine art form we see. The audience applauds both the work whether of recent time or of the old generation. They all are niche in the history and is always cherished and loved. This is a reason that the growing value of these art piece has made them so costly and people consider to buy it because of the liquidity of the asset.

Music, drama has also evolved over a period of time. From classical to rock music, from drama to 3-D and animated movie we see art form adapting and evolving according to the mindset of the people. This is the adaption which was required for a fine art as it was losing its shine and people were forgetting about the importance of fine art in society.