Different uses of carrageenan

Stabilizing property

Carrageenan is considered as one of themost ideal food additive. Therearedifferent types of carrageenan and they have different gellingproperties whichranges from the brittle gel tothe soft one. You can feel like walking on water because the carrageenan%is 4%. They possess the properties which makes them highly reactive with some material. They work well with the milk protein and are reactive to them. This isthereason that they are sued in the diary products in order to prevent fractionation. It is also used in the chocolatemilk as they can keep cocoa at suspension.




Carrageenan is used for the stabilization, gelatin and thickening in the processed foods. It is highly in demandbecause of the appeal of food textures which can beachievedfromcarrageenan. It is manly used in the custards, jellies, cheese, chocolate milk, protein drinks and ice creams. It is an approved ingredientwhich is safe to use. They also have been provento be theeffective lubricant at the time of sex. It reduces the friction in some ofthe sensitive areas of body. Moreover they have theantiviral and antimicrobialproperties. They are also a good carrier for the anti retroviral drugs which are used for thetreatment and prevention of HIV.


They are usedin the processed meat, seafood and poultry. They alsohavethe water bindingpropertyand also have improved texture ability. Moreoverthey replace the fat. They are also used in the diary products like puddings, dessert, chocolate milk, cheese analogs, etc. They prove to be the additive which can suspend the cocoa and are also able to stabilize the milk. The cold milk powder can also have the carrageenan. They suspend the solids and also provide the smooth feel and body.