Have computers invaded the fine arts arena

Fine arts is a form of art which covers the aesthetic beauty and which is judged on the visual appearance in front of us. This is an age old art where people who were involved in it were the geniuses of their time. Fine art includes Painting and with remarkable artist in this field being Leonardo Da Vinci etc., poetry, sculpture, drama, music, writing etc. This form of art is beautiful to your eyes and ears, and you would love to watch it again and again. This is a reason that the fine arts are sold at a very high price.

Fine arts however being liked and financially costly form is now getting diminished in its status. Gone are the days where a Fine art artist was given the utmost respect in our society. Their status where their pride and it used to attract the other people into the same profession. Michelangelo work can be seen all over the Vatican Churches. He was appreciated for his art by Church and is now always a great part of history of Vatican and world.


fine arts arena


Computers invading fine arts arena


With advent of computers comes the great power in hand of everyone. If you are proficient in it you can do everything you want. People started loving this as a tool and soon forgot everything about fine art. If you are connected over net you can see the work of all fine art artist over web only why visit an art fair. This reduced the footfall of people who earlier used to go and visit the arts fair to appreciate the work of the fine art artist.

Also you can learn many graphics tool in computer to create your own fine art whether it’s a video or photography editing. This reduced the interest of people with brush and canvas painting to mouse and desktop painting.

Also it has been seen that people are using computers to create a replica wherein they produce the duplicate of the original fine art work. This is creation of fraud and many people are falling for it. There are limited edition of fine art copy but increase duplicates are creating confusion among the mind of art lover. To avoid this kind of scenario we should always visit an art fair and purchase the painting or any piece of art from there.